April 2013

Padded Weapons Sparring

WUMA Padded Weapon Sparring Competition Rules© Copyright by WUMA - 2013

  1. Equipment:
    1. Contestants must wear a padded helmet, eye protection, groin cup for male competitors, and chest protector. Face covering on headgear is highly recommended.

BOC Competitors Come From All Over!

BOC competitors are coming from all over the United States, Canada, and - we've heard - Cameroon! Keep checking this map to see where else competitors are coming from!

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Old Breaking Rules

Battle of Columbus World Martial Art Games

Breaking Competition Rules

General Rules for Judging and Scoring Method:

  1. Scoring point range will be lowest 5.11- highest 9.99.
  2. Scores must use 2 decimal points.
  3. Three (3) Judge System - Tally all points.
  4. Five (5) Judge System - the highest score and the lowest score will be eliminated then the remaining three (3) scores will be totaled.

BOC to use Daedo EPSS for Olympic Style Sparring Black Belt Competitions

BOC is pleased to announce the use of the Daedo Electronic Protection and Scoring System for all Black Belt matches in Taekwondo Olympic Style Sparring. Daedo Electronic Foot Sensor Socks are required! A limited number of Electronic Foot Sensor Socks will be available for rent at the event. Or you may purchase them in advance directly from TKDScore. Children who normally wear shoes smaller than Adult Size 2, may purchase the e.Instep.

Tai Chi Push Hands

Tai Chi/Taiji Push Hands Officials, Referees, and volunteers





Taekwondo Olympic Style Sparring

Taekwondo Olympic Style Sparring (WUMA / USAT)
The #1 NUMBER ONE concern of the Battle of Columbus and its officials is to maintain the safety of all athletes, coaches, spectators, officials and any other individuals involved, participating in, or otherwise related to the tournament. The Battle of Columbus/Martial Arts World Games will use the USAT Sparring Competition Rules as a GUIDELINE (not a strict rule) including the following exceptions:



    A. FORM/WEAPONS: Once a division has been bowed in and the first competitor starts, anyone showing up after this point will be considered late. Late entry will be written on their card, a .20 will be deducted from their score by scorekeeper and he/she will become the next competitor. B. FORM: A competitor must perform a form in order to be eligible to place in Forms Division even if there is only one competitor for said division.

    SanShou (K-1 Rules)