Taekwondo Olympic Style Sparring

Taekwondo Olympic Style Sparring (WUMA / USAT)
The #1 NUMBER ONE concern of the Battle of Columbus and its officials is to maintain the safety of all athletes, coaches, spectators, officials and any other individuals involved, participating in, or otherwise related to the tournament. The Battle of Columbus/Martial Arts World Games will use the USAT Sparring Competition Rules as a GUIDELINE (not a strict rule) including the following exceptions:
  • age, weight, and rank brackets may be combined to create competitive divisions
  • all black belt competitors will use Daedo Electronic Protection Scoring System - electronic scoring socks are the responsibility of the competitor. Rentals WILL NOT be available on-site. Limited quantities of socks may be available for purchase.
  • The Battle will provide E-Hogu and E-Helmet for black belt divisions, all other required equipment (socks, shin pads, groin guard, gloves, forearm pads, mouth guard) is the responsibility of the competitor.
  • foot gloves, foot pads, and Dynamic Kicks will be allowed
  • USAT no head contact and junior safety rules will be strictly enforced

Non-black belt sparring competitors are responsible for all required equipment (helmet, hogu, mouth guard, forearm pads, gloves, groin guard, shin protectors, foot protectors). Helmets may be white or match the assigned hogu color (red, blue), but no other color. If you bring red/blue helmets, you must bring both as hogu color will be determined ringside. Mouth guards may be any color except red and must be in-mouth only, they may not stick out of the mouth.

Picture of TKD Olympic-Style Sparring Gear

Coaches: Contestants may only have one coach with proper credentials at ringside. All coaches are required to attend a coach/referee seminar and purchase a coach pass. Those coaches who do not attend the meeting will not have protest rights throughout the course of the competition.

Arbitration and Protest: Competitors who feel they received an unfair score may file an Official Protest by filling out a protest form (form to be filled out by one Coach with payment of $50.00 Protest Fee). The protestor will present the case to Arbitration Board through the ring coordinator. Any decision rendered by the Arbitration board will be final. If the board finds in favor of the protestor, then the decision will be rectified and the Protest Fee will be returned. Protests must be made before the end of their particular division.