Reversal - A defensive player who is being controlled on the bottom is awarded one point for a reversal when he comes from the bottom/defensive position and gains control of the opponent either on the mat or in a rear standing position.

Guard Pass- Getting out of the guard control position of a opponent

Take-down- from the neutral position, he gains control by taking the other player down to the mat within the boundaries.

Side Control- Gaining control over an opponent achieving side/top position of his/her body

Full Mount- Achieving top position with both knees on the ground competitor is facing up.

Rear Mount - Taking control of opponents back via under hooks or neck controls

Escape - When an opponent escapes to a neutral position and is facing his/her opponent.

Submission or Tapout- yielding to the opponent, and hence resulting in an immediate defeat. The submission is commonly performed by clearly tapping the floor or the opponent with the hand or sometimes with the foot. This can also be determined by a referee if a technique is in a position where the downed opponent cannot escape.

Reversals - 1 point
Guard pass - 1 point
Take-downs - 2 points
Side Control - 2 points
Full Mount - 2 points
Rear Mount - 2 points

Tap-Out - Winner determined

Penalty: You will receive 2 warnings for each infraction. Your third warning will result in a penalty point to your opponent. Automatic disqualification will occur if an opponent commits a malicious premeditated foul.

Fouls: biting, scratching, pulling of hair, punching, kicking, grabbing individual toes or fingers to manipulate your opponents position, stabbing (poking) an opponent with your fingers, covering your opponents mouth, striking an opponents throat(this includes forearm and hands). NO SMALL JOINT MANIPULATION (Finger, Wrist, Toe hold or Ankles)

Starting the Match

  1. The competitors shall stand facing each other at the center of the contest area and approximately 2 feet apart.
  2. At the beginning of the match, the competitors shall make a standing bow first to the mat referee and then to each other.
  3. At the end of the match, the competitors shall make a standing bow first to each other and then to the mat referee.

Match Time:

11 years of age and under: Possible 3 -2 minute Rounds 1 minute rest The official can tap for the competitor if the safety of the competitor is in question.

12 years of age and older: Possible 3-3 minute Rounds 1 minute rest

Each match time limit will be determined by age group

Time begins when opponents make continuous contact with each other.

All matches will be at least 2 rounds if both rounds are won by a single competitor there will not be a 3rd round.

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