IFK Kumite Competition Rules

ABOC Karate Competition Rules

Arnold Battle of Columbus Karate Competition Rules

Semi-Contact Fighting General Rules

NOTE: Semi-Contact is full power striking with padded protection

There will be a demonstration of legal and illegal techniques prior to the beginning of any matches. Each match will last 2 minutes without stopping, and is won by a single point (ippon), which is awarded within 5 seconds. A half point (wasa ari) can be awarded for a technique that momentarily stuns the opponent. If no point is awarded during the 2 minute round, the center referee and corner judges can decide upon a or send the fight into an overtime round.

  1. Uniforms: All competitors will wear clean well maintained traditional uniform of their style. Boxers / kick boxers must wear a tank or T style shirt.
  2. Mandatory Protective Equipment: All competitors are required to wear the following gear unless otherwise indicated.
    • No taping for first round. Medical staff must sign taping for later rounds.
    • Hand gear must have at least 3/4 inch padding or more over the knuckles. No cloth gloves allowed, no palm grips allowed soft or hard. MMA style glove is acceptable.
    • Shin and Instep (Cloth or soft vinyl)
    • Head Gear (mandatory for all divisions)
    • Mouth Guard (mandatory for all divisions)
    • Groin cup (mandatory for all male competitors)
    • No chest protection in 15 and older divisions. (Females 15 & older may wear padded bra with plastic cups. Breast protection may not cover abdomen).

Note: Chest Protectors will be mandatory for Children 14 years old and under.

Match Time Limit
The duration of each match shall be two minutes with a maximum of one 2-minute extension in the event of tie/draw.

Divisions will be determined after all fighter registrations have been completed nd upon the discretion of the tournament director.

Deadline check in time is 10 am the day of the event.

Legal Techniques: Include any leg techniques (kicks, knee strikes, etc.) to the legs and to the body which include the chest, ribs, kidneys and abdomen area and any hand techniques (fist, elbows) to the body. Sweeps are allowed when followed a non contact technique to score a half point.

Brown/Black Belt “junior” Division and Brown/Black “Adult” Divisions ONLY. Kicks to the head WILL BE permitted in the 15 years old and over.

Illegal Techniques
  • Attacks to the groin.
  • Attacks to the face, base of the neck or spine areas.
  • Attacks to the head with the hands, arms or elbows.
  • Grabbing or holding.
  • Kicks directly to the knees.
  • Kicks to the head other than the specified divisions listed above.
  • Excessive out of bounds. (Out of the ring).
  • Striking an opponent when they are down.
  • Kicks to the head WILL NOT BE permitted for 14 years old and under White-Yellow Adult Divisions.

For all questions regarding discipline and rules please email to the following email address: ArnoldBOC@gmail.com.

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