Taekwondo/Tang Soo Do Point Style Sparring

Korean Open Point Style

I. SPARRING RULES: 1st - 3rd place Medal (One 3rd place)

  1. Duration of Matches: 1 2-minute round
  2. Required Equipment:
    1. All competitors must provide all their own protective gear. It must fit and be in good condition, as deemed by center referee.
    2. Protective gear includes:
      1. Head gear
      2. Mouthpiece
      3. Hand guard-Sponge or foam with cloth covering
      4. Groin guard (Males)
      5. Arm I Shin guards - Highly recommended
      6. Foot guard-Sponge or foam with cloth covering
      7. Chest guard - Highly recommended
  3. Scoring Points: All divisions light contact controlled - 17 yrs. & under no head contact: All techniques 1 point
  4. Valid Scoring Techniques:
    1. Hand:
      1. Front part of Fist with Knuckles.
      2. Knife hand
      3. Ridge hand
      4. Back fist (no "blind" spinning techniques).
    2. Foot: Any part of foot below the ankle.
  5. Valid Striking Areas: (Not on Throat. Neck. Spinal Cord)
    1. Trunk (Chest pad highly recommended):
      1. Horizontal from the shoulders to the waist.
      2. Vertical to shoulder blades (not the spine)
    2. Head (Head gear mandatory): 17 yrs. & under no head contact
      1. Kicks to the head /Face- light contact controlled.
      2. No punches straight to the face. Hand techniques to side/top of head (backfist, ridge hand, knife hand) covered by headgear.
      3. * Any attack that leaves red mark or jerking head may result in warning (0.5-point deduction), 1 full point deduction or disqualification based on degree of violation and its results***
  6. Scoring Procedures:
    1. Stopping the Match by center Referee to verify warning/injury - Stop the time
    2. Score by majority of Referee/Judges Decision
    3. Center Referee will stop the match and call for points verification. Majority of votes wins. No see is counted as abstaining from voting and will not count in the tally. Time does not stop when match is stopped for points.
    4. At the end of the match, the Scorekeeper will let the Center Referee know the final score based on points won and any points subtracted for warnings.
    5. In case of tie: sudden death. First person to score a point wins.
  7. Prohibited Acts: Pre-warning / Warning / Deduction Point / Disqualification
  8. A. Pre-warning - Hand signal without point deduction. (3 pre warning max).
    a. Center Referee may call pre-warning to promote positive matches and also to prevent potential injuries or violations that may cause interruption of good competition.
    B. Warnings: Each warning 0.5-point deduction
    a. Grabbing, sweeping, holding, pushing w/ hands, body, Throwing, butting, attacks unauthorized area.
    b. Turning back on opponent, avoiding competition, leaving ring, pretending injury.
    c. Inappropriate behavior by competitor, coach, or their supporters.
    d. Any contact that results in minor injury (abrasion or bleeding) as determined by the referee will receive a warning 0.5 deduction or 1-point deduction by the discretion of the Referee/ Judges.
    e. Any excessive contact, as deemed by center referee, that results in the inability of a competitor to continue, shall be disqualified.
    f. Inability to continue because of fright, crying, or loss of will does not constitute grounds for disqualifying attacker
    C. Point deductions
    a. Excessive contact that results in clear mark, minor injury.
    b. Excessive violations on prohibited techniques or action by competitor, coach or supporter.
    D. Disqualification:
    a. Excessive contact violation that results in opponent being unable to continue match
    b. Serious inappropriate behavior or actions on the part of competitor, coach, or supporter.
    E. Forfeiture:
    a. Unwillingness to continue match (when the referee has determined ability to do so).
  9. Coaches:
    1. Contestants may only have one coach with proper credentials at ringside.
    2. Coach is required to attend a coach/referee seminar and purchase a coach pass.
    3. Instructor (18 & older) with BOC Instructor pass or a competitor over 18 will be eligible to act as a coach without purchasing a separate coaches pass. They must still attend the coach/referee seminar.
  10. Protest and Arbitration
    1. Competitors who feel they have received an unfair score may file an official protest by filling out a protest form (to be filled out by a coach with a $50 fee).
    2. The protestor will present the case to the Arbitration Board through the ring coordinator. Any decision rendered by the Arbitration Board will be final.
    3. If the board finds in favor of the protestor, decision will be rectified, protest fee returned.
    4. Protests must be made before the end of their particular division.