The Battle is still on

Hello Everyone,

There has been much confusion surrounding our participation in the Arnold Sports Festival due to the Coronavirus precautions that the Governor and Mayor spoke about yesterday in their press conference. We will attempt to clear things up for you as we know them. We all know that this is an evolving situation, and new information could be released at any time. We will pass it along as we receive it.

The Arnold Sports Festival Directors, at the direction of the CDC, decided that it was best for everyone that the Trade Expo be cancelled but that the Athletic competitions could continue, without spectators. They also banned athletes from the five countries having the worst outbreaks, so athletes from China, Japan, Italy, Iran, and South Korea are not allowed to compete. This does not effect the Battle of Columbus, as we had no athletes coming from those countries.

The Battle of Columbus is being held at the Voinovich Building, which is not downtown, but at the Fairgrounds. It is not generally attended by those outside of the Martial Arts community, so contact is minimalized. All athletes will be screened at registration, asking if they have been to one of the effected areas, or in contact with someone who has been. They will also be asked about fever in the last 24 hours, and whether they have a cough or problems breathing. They will be directed to a nurse on site if they answer in the positive to these questions. We are most fortunate that the medical team from Mount Carmel is based in our building, so they will be readily available to us. We also will provide hand sanitizer throughout the venue. Handwashing is the best method to avoid transfer of the virus.

The Directors have asked us to limit the spectators to the parents/caregivers of minor children. Safety is always the highest priority for all of us, and we want our children to be attended and kept safe.

Short version is: the seminars and tournaments will happen as scheduled. The Kid's Expo in the Bricker Building is also still happening at this time. All competitors, staff, volunteers, and coaches are expected to attend. Spectators will be limited.

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