February 2019

Arnold Battle of Columbus Breaking Rules

Breaking Competition Rules

General Rules for Judging and Scoring Method:

1.	Scoring point range will be lowest 6.01- highest 9.99.
2.	Scores must be 2 decimal points.
3.	Three (3) Judge system - Tally all points.
4.	Five (5) Judge system - The highest score and the lowest score will be ADJUSTED to second high and second  low, then all scores are totaled. 
5.     Number of Attempts - Competitors will have three (3) opportunities for EACH break.  Failure to break on the third attempt will result in a score deduction of 0.5.

Arnold Battle of Columbus Gumdo

ABOC Foot Reflexology Therapy

It was very exciting to have Foot Reflexology Therapy at the Arnold Battle of Columbus during the Event. Foot Reflexology Therapy was offered for free during the event, and I am sure that those who took advantage of the opportunity found it very rewarding.