Arnold Battle of Columbus Muay Thai

The following rules are applicable to all Muay Thai weight classes.

Requirements Prior to Fighting.

  • Weigh Ins. All fighters may only weigh in once. If a fighter does not make weight, he/she may not compete.
  • Mandatory Meeting. All coaches and fighters must attend a ringside meeting at 9:00am. Any teams with fighters and/or coaches not in attendance will not be able to compete.

Allowed Strikes:

  • Punches: all punches used in the sport of boxing are allowed to the body and head. This includes the jab, cross, hook, uppercut, overhand and spinning back fist.
  • Kicks: all kicks are allowed to the body and head.
  • Knee strikes: knees are allowed to the body and legs.
  • Clenching: clenching is allowed with all strikes.
  • Throws: fighters may dump or throw their opponent from the clench. No trips, judo throws or hip tosses are allowed.

Forbidden Strikes: Forbidden strikes are considered fouls. You will lose one point. If the referee believes the strike was an accident, you will receive one warning. If the foul has ended the match, it will be up to the judges to decide.

  • Punching:
  • Strikes to the head: Head butts, back of head strikes.
  • Strikes to the spine: any strikes to the spine are forbidden.
  • Foot stomps
  • Sweeps, hip toss and judo throw
  • Kicks: straight kicks to the knee cap of any kind.
  • Knees: No knee strikes to the head.
  • Clenching: Pulling the head down while clenching is not allowed.
  • Throws: no trips, judo throws or hip tosses are allowed.

Equipment Required:
All fighter must have their own:

  • Headgear
  • 12oz. gloves
  • shin guards
  • mouth piece
  • groin protector (groin protector is optional for females)

Shin guards may be of any type. All shin guards must be taped on to secure them from moving. All metal buckles on the shin guards must be covered with tape.

Standing 8 count.
This will be in effect for all bouts, both amateur and professional. All fighters must engage. If you are not fighting back/defending yourself, the ring referee will stop the action and administer an 8 count to ensure your safety. This will also be scored like a knockdown on the judges’ scorecards.

3 KnockDown Rule:
If a fighter is knocked down 3 times in any single round (provided the refere has given the 10 count), the fight will be stopped and pronounced at TKO.

Flash KnockDown:
The “flash” knockdown is in effect in all bouts, both amateur and professional. If a fighter is knocked down, but gets back up immediately with no signs of damage, at the discretion of the ring referee, it may be declared a flash knockdown and no 10 count will be administered. This will also NOT count as a knockdown on the judges’ scorecards. Again, this rule is at the discretion of the referee. Sometimes a fighter is knocked out on impact (and eyes roll back in head) and then wake up upon their head bouncing off the canvas and get right back up. The referee may see this and still give the count to ensure the fighter is able to continue.

All matches are 3 rounds. Each round is 2 minutes with one minute break in between.